We have been in business since 1986 when we launched our first business venture, Lemurs-By-Mail. For three years, we provided superior lemurs to people of all walks of life. The response to this was staggering, and our small initial office in Spokane, WA was hardly able to keep up with the demand. In 1989, Lemurs-By-Mail was approached by Fly-By-Night Industries with an offer to expand our operations to a global scale with three lemur farms around the globe. On that day, evil-lemur.com was born. With the expertise of covert operations specialists from Fly-By-Night Industries and the award winning lemur trainers from Lemurs-By-Mail, the new product line was an instant hit. Since then we have been at the forefront in precision strikes against any target on the globe. We look forward to putting our 14 years of experience to work to help you realize your goal.




Evil-Lemur.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fly-By-Night Industries